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Riesenschnauzer - Schutzhunde

Rubi - Riesenschnauzer

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  • Are Schnauzers good family pets?

    Giant Schnauzers are loyal and affectionate dogs, which are highly intelligent and obedient making them excellent companions and family pets. To ensure a well-balanced family pet, it is important to socialise this breed, more than any other. If unsocialised, this breed can display aggression towards unfamiliar situations, people and other animals. Giant Schnauzers are powerful looking dogs with an imposing air about them and they are known as a "groomed breed" because they have high maintenance coats which need to be hand stripped several times a year, and should be a consideration if choosing this breed as a family pet

  • Are Schnauzers good family protection dogs?

    Giant Schnauzers are powerful and willful dogs that require stringent training, and needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Their workability lead to them being using during WW2 by the German Army as patrol dogs, but was originally bred as an all-round worker. These overall workability means they have succeeded in many areas such as police, military, search and rescue and even therapy dogs. Their extreme family loyalty makes them excellent protection dogs.
    Breed Characteristics - Height – Male 60-65cm Female 55-60cm
    Weight – Male 30-40kg Female 22-33kg
    Coat Type – Double coat, that has a water resistant top layer, with a close dense undercoat. There are two accepted coat lengths, standard and long.
    Coat Colour – The two most common coat colours are black and tan, and sable.
    Life Span – 9-13 years

  • Are Giant Schnauzers aggressive?

    Aggression is a common trait in Giant Schnauzers when they are not correctly socialized, the cause of this is usually fear. When introduced suitably to cats and other dogs, Schnauzers can live harmoniously with other pets

    Destructive tendencies are also very common with Giant Schnauzers, but this trait is 100% avoidable. Committing to a Giant Schnauzer means committing to an active lifestyle. A well-exercised Scnhauzer is a reliable housemate. A bored Schnauzer will destroy a home.

  • What is the purpose of a Giant Schnauzer protection dog?

    Giant Schnauzers aren’t the most common choice for a protection dog, but nonetheless, they are an excellent choice in the right home, and in the right hands. They are a bright, sensitive, responsive dog with whom you will be able to spend time, enjoy grooming, train and play with. If you have an active lifestyle and you are looking for a protective & loyal dog, devoted to you and your family, then a Giant Schnauzer could be the dog for you.