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Deutscher Schäferhund - Schutzhunde

Der Deutsche Schäferhund ist eine mittelgroße Arbeitshunde-Rasse aus Deutschland, vormals in Großbritannien bekannt als “Alsatian” (“Elsässer”). Ursprünglich entwickelt um 1899, hüteten diese Hunde Schafe. Doch aufgrund ihrer Stärke, ihrer Lehrbarkeit und ihres Gehorsams wurden sie seitdem eine bevorzugte Rasse für verschiedene Arbeiten, von militärischen Einsatzgebieten über Suche und Rettung bis zur Begleitung und Unterstützung Behinderter.


  • Are German Shepherds a good family protection dog?

    German Shepherds have an inherent and natural guarding and protection instinct that very rarely waivers. As well as naturally protecting their family, they will also protect homes and property, with some businesses relying solely on German Shepherds to protect their property and goods; this also makes them a firm favourite with the Police and Military.

    As well as fearless protectors, the GSD is one of the most loving and gentle breeds of all, capable of being a child’s best friend and family companion, as well as their calm and confident protector. To ensure that your GSD is the perfect family protection dog, you must ensure that your puppy is well socialised, from reputable breeding lines, and has the highest standard of training.

  • German Shepherd Dog Breed Information & Characteristics

    The German Shepherd is a powerful and well-muscled, versatile working breed, that is steady of nerve, well balanced and biddable, they should never be nervous or display excessive aggression

  • Facts about the German Shepherd Dog breed

    During the 1920’s, official Guide Dog training began in Switzerland, and all of the dogs trained were German Shepherds.

    During the mid-1800’s the breed was standardised in Germany, where they were being used as sheep herders, and to protect livestock from predators.

    A German Shepherd has a bite force of 238 pounds— compared to a human’s bite of just 86 pounds!

  • How can we train a German Shepherd?

    To ensure your GSD is a great family protection dog, early socialisation is of paramount importance. Exposing your new puppy to difference situations, noises and scenarios will ensure they are well balanced, and self-assured. Be careful to avoid potentially putting your new puppy in situations where they may have a negative or fearful experience, as this could lead to behavioural problems later.

    Whilst the GSD has a natural guarding and protection instinct, you should seek professional help for protection training. Protection Dogs Worldwide are experienced, reliable and professional trainers specialising in supplying family protection dogs.

    If you have currently experiencing behavioural problems with your GSD, we may be able to help through our residential training courses, designed to address sever behavioural problems.