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Doberman - Schutzhunde

Der Dobermann ist eine mittelgroße Haushunde-Rasse, ursprünglich gezüchtet um 1890 von Karl Dobermann, einem deutschen Zollpächter. Er betrieb einen Hundezwinger und wollte eine Rasse schaffen, die ihn während seiner Steuereintreibungen beschützte. Einen Hund mit der perfekten Mischung aus Kraft, Schnelligkeit, Ausdauer, Treue und Intelligenz und Grausamkeit.


  • Are Doberman’s good family protection dogs?

    Earning themselves a ferocious reputation, Doberman’s are undoubtedly excellent protection dogs. However, they are also great family companions, displaying extreme love and loyalty to their families. With the correct training, Doberman’s are well adept to their owners and very respectful.

  • Doberman Dog Breed Information & Characteristics

    The Doberman is a medium-large breed of dog, originally developed around 1890 in Germany. Traditionally the ears are cropped, and tails docked, but this practice is now illegal in some countries. The Doberman is a driven and athletic dog of muscular build, requiring excessive exercise and stimulus, but with the right training and exercise they are considered to be loving and loyal companions.
    Breed Characteristics - Height – Male 66-72cm Female 61-68cm
    Weight – Male 40-45kg Female 32-35kg
    Coat Type – short and smooth with minimum grooming required.
    Life Span – 10-13 years

  • Facts about the Doberman Breed

    The Doberman originated in Germany, created by tax collector Louis Doberman to keep him and the taxes he carried safe from thieves

    These dogs are energetic and needs a lot of exercise.They have good running speeds.A healthy Doberman can run up to 44 kph

  • How can we train a Doberman?

    Doberman’s are extremely intelligent dogs, that are quick to learn, but they have an inherent stubborn streak, meaning that early training is very important. The more consistent you can be with training your Doberman, the better results you will get, battling against that stubborn nature

    Whilst the Doberman has a natural guarding and protection instinct, you should seek professional help for protection training. Protection Dogs Worldwide are experienced, reliable and professional trainers specialising in supplying family protection dogs.

    If you have currently experiencing behavioural problems with your Doberman, we may be able to help through our residential training courses, designed to address sever behavioural problems.