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Trained Personal & Family Protection Dogs for Sale

We are often asked what kind of dog is best for personal and family protection. The short answer is the four breeds that we specialise in: German Shepherd Dogs, Dobermann Pinschers, Giant Schnauzers, and the Cane Corso. This is because protection dogs fulfil a very specific role, which is to protect their handler and family with direction rather than acting off of their own initiative. They must also be able to comfortably adapt to a home environment, be of certain sizes and strengths, accept the presence of young children, and be extremely obedient.

  • Belgium Malinois

    Coming Soon....

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  • Cane Corsos

    Der Cane Corso, buchstäblich der “Hofhund” oder der “Hund des Wächters” (ital.....

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    Der Deutsche Schäferhund ist eine mittelgroße Arbeitshunde-Rasse aus Deutschland, vormals in Großbritannien bekannt a....

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  • Dobermans

    Der Dobermann ist eine mittelgroße Haushunde-Rasse, ursprünglich gezüchtet um 1890 vo....

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  • elite protection dogs for sale

    Elite Collection


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  • Giant Schnauzer

    The Giant Schnauzer is a working breed of dog developed in 17th century Germany. It is the largest of the three breeds o....

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  • Rottweiler

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