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Here at Protection Dogs Worldwide, we offer the widest range of protection dogs available in the UK and remain confident that we have a little something for everyone. However, such a variety of canines also provides customers with a choice...Reading Continue

In one of our previous blog posts, we’ve already looked at what makes the Great Dane such an incredible breed of protection dog. From its sheer strength and height to its brave, and yet gentle, nature- the Great Dane is...Reading Continue

It’s that time of year again. We should all prepare ourselves for a month of eating too many mince pies, opening up our advent calendars and listening to Slade scream down the airwaves- because Christmas is well and truly right...Reading Continue

It’s no secret that the purchase of a well-trained protection dog is a sure-fire way of improving your safety and security. You’ll find that no other security measure is able to come close to the high standards set by any...Reading Continue

When it comes to picking out the right protection dog, you might just find yourself struggling with a bit of indecisiveness. Here at Protection Dogs Worldwide, we provide the widest range of protection dog breeds available in the UK, and...Reading Continue

One of the best things about purchasing a protection dog is the wide choice of breeds available to you. From German Shepherds to Great Danes, here at Protection Dogs Worldwide we offer the widest range of protection dog breeds available...Reading Continue

We all know that a well-trained protection dog is the best form of defence when it comes to staving off any potential threats. You can go ahead and spend a fortune on CCTV cameras or intricate alarm systems- but the...Reading Continue

First of all, let’s get one thing straight- protection dogs are the best form of security that money can buy. No matter whether you spend a fortune on CCTV cameras or spend hours trying to set up your intricate alarm...Reading Continue

The Cane Corso is a fantastic breed of protection dog, which uses its power and strength to ensure that you are kept safe. These dogs need an owner that knows what they’re doing, as they require a great deal of...Reading Continue

It’s time to stop looking through websites offering ineffective CCTV cameras and alarm systems, and instead get yourself looking for a well-trained protection dog. If you’re serious about keeping yourself protected and secure, then purchasing one of our canines really...Reading Continue

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